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Live Party Caricature

Live Party

A unique & perfect gift for your love one
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FansArt Caricature

I have been a fan of comic books since childhood. A few years ago, I start drawing those movie/TV actor into their superhero custom as caricature poster, and share it with friends, I hope you would like them too.


Live Party Caricature
Live Party Caricature
Live Party Caricature


Thanks for coming to Decmil's Business Systems department staff Xmas Function, everyone loved the idea of getting personal caricature done. The drawings are great and most of us have hung them up at our desks with many other colleagues commenting on them.

Thanks again, and I hope perhaps Decmil can use your services again for future events.

Kylie Johnston

Site Administration Coordinator

Henry is an absolute pleasure and delight to work with. His ability to put people at ease and get them to relax, especially when they are having their portrait done, is amazing.

Henry is one of the best caracturist that I have had to the pleasure of working with - he is professional, very efficient, meets the customer's needs and will ensure that the end product is first class. It's been a pleasure working with Henry.

Dorina Martelli

Retail Conference & Events Manager

I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for your amazing talent on Saturday night.

Everyone at the Fire Brigade Christmas function loved your work and I really enjoyed how they stuck them up on the wall so everyone could have a look at them

I will definitely be in touch for our next event.

Jenny Page Franceschi

Managing Director
Kings Tours and Travel Pty Ltd

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